Voice Coaching for Business
What will VOICE COACHING FOR BUSINESS actually teach you?

Flying Pickle can help anyone to discover more potent ways of using their voice. The key to successfully taking our clients on this journey to better voice use is our experience. Flying Pickle is made up of theatre professionals with years of elite level experience on their CV. Our voice coach, Sam, for example has over 20 years of theatre and corporate experience to offer.

This means we know how the human voice works and can show you how to use your own voice much more effectively. Even a few simple exercises, practised regularly can make a huge difference if you understand what it is your doing. Keep scrolling to see some examples of areas we will work with you on to improve your vocal range, strength and flexibility.

BODY: awareness and control

All vocal projection and articulation actually starts with the body. In order to safely use your voice and express yourself it is necessary to understand how your body contributes to shaping your voice and influencing how you sound.

Flying Pickle will help you to become aware of your posture and how the shape of your body can help or hinder how effectively your use your voice.

VOCAL TRACT: know your instrument

What is vocal tract? Put simply it is the muscles and tissue structures from your nose to your vocal cords that allow you to speak. Understand how to use the vocal tract correctly and you can take control of how you want your voice to sound. Flying Pickle can show you how to do it.

When you understand why you sound the way you do, you acquire the power of control over your own voice.

MIND: focus your intentions

Making noises that are unconnected to thought will fail to convince your audience. A well pronounced speech that is devoid of intention might as well be left unspoken. Learn to ask the right questions of what you’re doing and what you say will be driven by clear purpose. Flying Pickle can show you how.

Then you can bring focus and potency to your words by clearly understanding and defining your intentions.

BREATH: support and sustain

Your breath is the single most important component of successful voice use. We are born with excellent breath control. Life has a way of getting in the way though and inducing us to damage our breathing’s effectiveness.

Flying Pickle can help you to strip away these emotional constraints and reconnect with your natural breathing rhythms. This in turns will enhance and support your voice, increasing both stamina and projection.

Vocal damage or illness

Flying Pickle is focused on developing the performance potential of your voice. If your vocal tract is damaged by illness or injury we are not qualified to help you repair your voice. What we can and will do is help you to recognise problems you may be unaware of. Using our extensive contacts in the industry, we can then direct you towards appropriate therapeutic support.

Brands At Work has had the pleasure of working with Sam on numerous occasions over the past decade. His training and background in the theatre, combined with his warm personality and natural enthusiasm combine to make his sessions enjoyable as well as productive. We look forward to working with Sam again in the future and would recommend him highly. – John Birger, Managing Partner, Brands At Work


Our sessions start at £200 per hour. We can work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis or in groups of up to 30 at a time. Please get in touch with your requirements so we can establish an accurate quote for you.

Although we work to a guiding set of principles as outlined above, the session will always be tailored to your specific capabilities and the needs of your company or organisation.

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