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At Flying Pickle we take an approach to voice coaching that we call the FOUR PILLARS OF CHARACTER CREATION. This is a holistic method of development that allows us to help you improve your voice work from the inside out. By practising the ideas contained within the Four Pillars a performing artist can first of all improve their vocal technique.

What our system also encourages is more insightful self-knowledge and a deep understanding of why your voice works the way it does. The helps our clients to access their own creativity and bring confidence to their unique voice.

Are you ready to find out more? Scroll on to discover how the Four Pillars of Character Creation work. Remember, you can always reach out to us to discuss your specific needs. Click here to get in touch.


PILLAR 1: Vocal Tract

Master the intricacies of your instrument and your audience will hear what you want them to hear.

The vocal tract is the area from the nose and the nasal cavity down to the vocal folds deep in the throat. What are the components of the vocal tract? Understanding what they are and how you can use them lets you take control of how you want your voice to sound. Learning to use your vocal tract properly is also the first step on the path to knowing your own natural voice. When you understand why you sound the way you do you will take control of your own voice.

PILLAR 2: Body

Learn to connect your voice to your body to both protect your vocal health and expand the palette of your sound. The voice is formed, manipulated, and controlled by the body. How you sound is not restricted to your vocal tract alone. When you understand the relationship between your body and your voice you can broaden the emotional scope of your performances substantially.

Even in voice over performances your body will always affect how your voice sounds. Let us help you learn to use this to your advantage.

PILLAR 3: Mind

Bring focus and potency to your performance by clearly understanding and defining your intentions.

Making noises that are unconnected to thought will fail to convince your audience. A well pronounced line of text that is devoid of intention might as well be left unspoken. We will help you learn to ask the right questions of your text. Specifically, there are 8 questions that are always useful in helping you to unravel the true meaning of what you are saying. Ask these questions always and your characters will be driven by clear purpose.

PILLAR 4: Spirit

Take control of the invisible force that motivates your voice and body to bring your character to life.

Your spirit is the cosmic glue that binds you together. Without spirit there is no emotion. And a performance devoid of emotion isn’t a performance at all. In communication of any kind your spirit is carried by your effort. Using the theories of dance pioneer Rudolph von Laban, we can help you learn to understand how movement effort informs the very soul of your characters. It can also teach you greater knowledge of yourself.

Vocal damage or illness

At Flying Pickle we are focused on developing the performance potential of your voice. We can also advise you on the general maintenance of your voice and offer appropriate exercises. But, if your vocal tract is damaged by illness or injury we are not qualified to help you repair your voice. What we can and will do is help you to recognise problems you may be unaware of. Using our extensive contacts in the industry, we can then direct you towards the appropriate therapeutic support.

Commercial Voice Demo Flying Pickle Performing Arts

Working with Flying Pickle was such a positive experience, Sam was absolutely brilliant in his direction and advice, I would strongly recommend this company for their expertise and care thank you so much – Crissy Mullen, Actor and Voice Over

What does VOICE COACHING FOR ACTORS with Flying Pickle Cost?

Our 1-2-1 sessions start at £59 per hour for individual artists and professionals. Group booking is also possible. Please get in touch with your requirements to obtain an accurate quote.

Although we work to the guiding set of principles outlined above the session will always be tailored to your specific capabilities and needs.

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