Getting the best from your voice requires a complete understanding of how to use your talent and your instrument. Flying Pickle uses a method we call The Four Pillars of Character Creation. This method is equally valid for newcomers and seasoned performers alike. It emphasises a holistic understanding of every aspect of the voice acting process. During your sessions with us the Four Pillars approach can be used in part or in full to help you realise your potential.

pillar 1: VOICE

What are the components of the vocal tract? Understand what they are and how to use them and you can take control of how you want your voice to sound. Learning to use your vocal tract properly is also the first step on the path to knowing your own natural voice. When you understand why you sound the way you do you acquire the power of control over your own voice.

pillar 2: BODY

The voice is formed, manipulated, and controlled by the body. How you sound is not restricted to your voice box alone. When you grasp the relationship between your body and your voice you can broaden the scope of your vocal performances substantially. Even in voice over performances your body will always affect how your voice sounds. Use this to your advantage.

pillar 3: MIND

Making noises that are unconnected to thought will fail to convince your audience. A well pronounced line of text that is devoid of intention might as well be left unspoken. Learn to ask the right questions of your text. Specifically, there are 8 questions that will always help you to unravel the true meaning of what you are saying. Ask these questions always and your characters will be driven by clear purpose.

pillar 4: SPIRIT

Your spirit is the cosmic glue that binds you together. Without spirit there is no emotion. And a performance devoid of emotion isn’t a performance at all. In communication of any kind your spirit is carried by your effort. Using the theories of dance pioneer Rudolph von Laban, you can learn to understand how movement effort informs the very soul of your characters. It can also teach you greater knowledge of yourself.

Sam Devereaux and Sue Head voice actor training

It was such a great pleasure to work with you and meet your wonderful family.  Your sense of focus and passion was really tremendous.  Thank you so much! – Sue Head, Voice Acting Student

Who is Flying Pickle’s voice actor training for?


If you are new to the industry how much help we can give you will depend on your background. Perhaps you are a trained actor or have broadcast experience? We can help guide you and improve your work quite quickly. But if you have never, ever performed before it would be beneficial for you to invest in actor training before you approach us for help.

The Four Pillars of Character Creation depend on the student having at least a decent understanding of how to act, interpret text and receive direction. If you are unsure about whether your ready get in touch and we can talk through where you’re at and advise you on the best way to proceed.

Intermediate Performers

So, you’ve done some work and you have a reasonable dollop of performing arts experience under your belt. Now you’re ready for the next level but you don’t know how to make progress. Flying Pickle is ideal for you. Our system of working will broaden your knowledge and help you to explore the depths of your potential.

When you are ready to invest in your career give us a call. We look forward to guiding and supporting you as you find out just how good you really are!

Established Professionals

If you are well established and getting regular work why would you need Flying Pickle’s help? Good question! At this point in your career it’s no longer about fundamentals it’s about fine tuning. In these situations a fresh perspective can be very helpful.

We can support your work on a very specific job that stretches your skills. Or we can work with you to identify those small areas of improvement that could help you sustain your success or climb even higher.

The best thing about our system is that it works for anyone. These four pillars are fundamental and understanding them can provide support and grounding for a voice acting career at any level. Get in touch to find out how we can help you today!

What does voice actor training with Flying Pickle cost?

Our 1-2-1 sessions start at £59 per hour. Every session includes a full vocal warm up and warm down. Although we work to a guiding set of principles, in the form of the Four Pillars of Character Creation, the session will always be tailored to your specific capabilities and needs.

Click on the button below to book your 1-2-1 voice actor training session with Flying Pickle today!

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