Sabreen Hussain – Photographer

Sabreen is our company photographer. Her company Canoncaan specialises in wedding photography and portraits. Sabreen has a spontaneous and organic approach to her photography. That and her ability to see both beauty and humour in her subjects makes her a perfect match for the energy and style of Flying Pickle Performing Arts.

Sabreen’s Experience and Professional Approach

Sabreen works out of London on a freelance basis. She describes her approach as ‘fly on the wall’. This means she takes a natural and creative approach to her photography, capturing moments as they unfold in an unobtrusive way. This allows her to capture images that are spontaneous, beautiful and real.

This is not anywhere near as easy as it sounds. Many subjects feel self-conscious if they are too aware of their photographer. Sabreen always puts her clients at ease and allows them to be themselves. Her bubbly personality and sharp eye makes it hard to feel uncomfortable when she’s working. The spontaneity she captures makes for dynamic and natural photography that is as effective at a wedding as it is a theatrical performance.

Her photography has taken her from shooting weddings in London to Lake Como to Lahore. Sabreen loves working with small businesses and start ups to build their marketing and visual branding portfolio’s and nailing the all important headshot!

Sabreen’s work with Flying Pickle

Sabreen and her family have known Georgie and Sam for many years. Indeed their children are almost exactly the same age!

Sam has employed Sabreen to take his professional actor headshots since 2019. Asking her to bring her work to Flying Pickle’s projects was a natural evolution for their collaboration.

Sabreen’s photography can be seen all over Flying Pickle’s website and social media channels. She is also the official show photographer for the company’s charity production of A Christmas Carol.

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