Flying Pickle Performing Arts join forces with Fiction on the Web

Sam Devereaux of Flying Pickle Performing Arts and Charlie Fish of Fiction on the Web
Sam Deveraux and Charlie Fish
Fiction on the Web Audiobook Cover Art_2024
Audiobook Cover Art by Julia Kerrison
Matt Devereaux. Composer for Fiction on the Web
Matt Devereaux

Everyone at Flying Pickle Performing Arts is delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Fiction on the Web to create a new series of audiobooks!

Fiction on the Web has been online and continuously publishing since July 1996, which makes it the oldest short stories website on the Internet. Thousands of stories have been enjoyed by millions of readers.

Beginning in early 2024, the owner of Fiction on the Web, Charlie Fish will be working with our very own Head of Studio, Sam Devereaux to create a monthly audiobook collection of short stories. Flying Pickle’s distribution partner, Spoken Realms will release the finished audiobooks to digital marketplaces worldwide.

The Concept

Utilising Fiction on the Web’s vast library of wonderful material, Charlie will carefully curate short stories into collections of 2-4 stories. Each collection will be tied together by a overarching theme.

Sam will then make use of Flying Pickle studio and some superb guest narrators to realise the recordings in an an entertaining and thought provoking way.

Art and Music

The artwork for the series has been created by Flying Pickle’s in-house fine artist, Julia Kerrison. The audiobooks will also feature incidental music by renowned musician and composer Matt Devereaux.

What’s coming for 2024

To see what we’re planning for our first year, take a look at the episode schedule below.

Episode schedule:

Vol. 1Ironic Wish FulfilmentFeb 2024
Vol. 2KafkaesqueMar 2024
Vol. 3FGMApr 2024
Vol. 4Bio Sci FiMay 2024
Vol. 5Modern IndiaJun 2024
Vol. 6Locked Room Murder MysteryJul 2024
Vol. 7Smart CarsAug 2024
Vol. 8Horror UnderfootSep 2024
Vol. 9U.S. Presidential CampaignsOct 2024
Vol. 10Bad BreastsNov 2024

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