Flying Pickle Inclusion Statement

Flying Pickle Performing Arts Theatre Workshops

Flying Pickle Inclusion Statement is a vital component of our work with schools. We are delighted to share this statement with you.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises ‘the right of the child to education…with a view to achieving this right progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity.’[I] It further states that we should all work to ensure ‘that the disabled child has effective access to and receives education’[ii]. At Flying Pickle we take this responsibility very seriously.

We are particularly passionate about ensuring that all pupils who attend our workshops are able to learn, flourish and enjoy themselves. And to do so no matter their background, prior attainment or SEND status.  As parents, teachers and former school pupils (and, indeed, adults) we have both seen and, to a certain extent, experienced the many barriers that can prevent young people from accessing and enjoying educational content.  We will to do our utmost to ensure that the experience of Flying Pickle is a positive and enriching one for everyone.

But how can we achieve this?

The key, as an organisation that visits schools, is to ensure we keep lines of communication open with the school. And we will adapt out provision for all pupils.  As standard, we will provide our resources on different colour paper, with large print A3 available when needed.  We also print our resources using fonts and layouts recommended by the British Dyslexia Association for being the most accessible[iii].

But we also know that our customer schools and organisations are the people that know their pupils, and we ask that any establishment makes us fully aware of what adjustments we can make in order to help all children feel safe and engage in our workshops.  There may be some occasions when we are unable to make those adjustments entirely by ourselves, such as translating English into another spoken or sign language, and in these instances we will always provide our scripts to customers in advance to aid the process.

In short, Flying Pickle is committed to making sure every possible accommodation is made for our students.  This helps make our workshops successful, enjoyable and accessible for all.

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Flying Pickle Inclusion Statement was written by Flying Pickle’s Head of Education, Jon Palmer. To discuss your workshop accessibility requirements with our team get in touch using the contact button below.

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