Announcing the charity Audiobook Recording of A Major Adjustment by Andy Merriman

To mark World Down’s Syndrome Day 2023, Flying Pickle Performing Arts is delighted to announce we are in production for a charity audiobook recording of A Major Adjustment written by Andy Merriman.

Sarah Merriman is just like any other urbane young woman in her twenties… She has a job in a Central London hotel, a boyfriend, commutes to work on the Tube, eats out, goes to films and theatre… This is all the more remarkable (though not to her) because Sarah was born with Down’s Syndrome.
Her parents having no prior inkling, it came as a huge shock to them that they now had a daughter with a disability. In 1999 her father Andy wrote a frank and moving book, A Minor Adjustment, about the challenge of her early years. The national publicity it gained saw it become a treasured resource for other families on a similar journey.
Now he follows up with the inspirational story of how his daughter, whose favourite expression is `I love my life’, has grown up, featured on Michel Roux’s compelling Kitchen Impossible series, and is making a life of her own at a time when pre-natal testing is threatening the very existence of people with Down’s syndrome. Sarah has contributed throughout.
The book will be narrated by Flying Pickle’s own Sam and Georgie Devereaux. Their own experiences as parents to the original Flying Pickle herself, Leia, make this recording a personal experience for them.

Sam says:

Telling our stories as parents of children living with Down’s Syndrome is so important. By sharing we can connect to the extraordinary DS community and help to reassure new parents that the journey in front them can be one filled with joy.
Sarah is an extraordinary young woman. Her  journey is a shining example of what can be accomplished by anyone living with Down’s syndrome. I’m very grateful to Andy and his wife Allie for trusting Georgie and me with their words. We can’t wait to get into the studio!

A Major Adjustment Charity Audiobook will be officially released on 14th July 2023. All proceeds from the sale of the recording will be donated to the Down’s Syndrome Association. The print version of the book is published by Safe Haven Books. If you would like to order the print copy you can do so by hitting the button on this page.