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Flying Pickle Performing Arts believes in accessible theatre

When Flying Pickle makes theatre, it is essential that every production is accessible to all audiences. As the parents of a disabled child, (the real life Flying Pickle!), company founders Sam and Georgie Devereaux are acutely aware of how often children and adults with additional needs can feel excluded from mainstream theatre. Flying Pickle’s theatre is designed to be accessible to all audiences regardless of mobility or sensory processing differences.


A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

Performed by Sam Devereaux

Directed by Georgie Devereaux

This special solo show storytelling version of the Christmas classic is presented in support of the Down’s Syndrome Association. The venue is the stunning Grade II listed Victorian Normansfield Theatre in Teddington.

The Down’s Syndrome Association is the only charity in the UK providing support for all aspects of Down’s syndrome. Our aim is to enable people who have Down’s syndrome to live full and rewarding lives. We believe in a society which values every member. Communities will be stronger when every member has the opportunity to thrive. We believe that people who have Down’s syndrome should be fully included in their communities. Our vision is to see people who have Down’s syndrome living healthy and meaningful lives in the community.

Flying Pickle’s production of A Christmas Carol is an annual event. Check back here soon to find out details of our 2024 production. 

OUT AT SEA* By Sławomir Mrożek

Performed by Sam Devereaux, Jon Palmer, Karl Sedgwick, Mat Ruttle, Rachel Esposti and Barry Rutley

Directed by Karl Sedgwick – Produced by Iron Lion theatre company

Sławomir Mrożek’s darkly comedic one-act play examines how three castaways attempt to decide how one will be cannibalised to save the other two. The three castaways, known only as: Fat, Medium and Thin, try democracy, coercion and, as their situation becomes more desperate, outright tyranny.

Produced by Iron Lion theatre company (the predecessor to Flying Pickle), Sam and Jon worked with comedy actors Karl Sedgwick, Mat Ruttle, Rachel Esposti and Barry Rutley to create two productions of this wonderful satire on the London Fringe.

The acting of all the members of the group was very good. Devereaux commanded the stage with real presence and excellent comic timing, allowing many subtle nuances of performance into a very entertaining character. Sedgwick, was also excellently comedic whilst contrasting this nicely with moments of real pathos and meaning. Jon Palmer was particularly amusing in his comedy cameos. – Adam Moulder, Broadway Baby

out at sea iron lion flying pickle performing arts


Performed by Sam Devereaux

Directed by Ewa Kolodziejska

Sam’s one man show about the damaging effects of fame was a critically acclaimed part of the Brighton and Camden Fringe Festivals. Written while Sam was at drama school and directed by Ewa Kolodziejska. Sam was nominated for Best Male Performer at the Latest 7 Awards.

Sam’s costume in the show was created by Flying Pickle’s own Julia. While Georgie designed the production and also contributed a voice over performance to the show.

Devereaux’s monologue is a masterpiece, both as a playwright and an actor.  In a skilfully-written script, the singer’s solitary rambling never seems contrived, and his bittersweet backstory emerges as naturally as if we’d seen the other characters appear in the room. – Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru

good time charlies got the blues flying pickle performing arts


Performed by Sam Devereaux and Jim Devereaux

For 11 years Sam and his real life brother Jim (aka JD King) toured the UK as Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers. Their real life relationship gave the show a unique energy. Across hundreds of performances they played in every conceivable type of venue from the RAC on Piccadilly to Sussex County Cricket Ground to an 18th century bakery in Portchester.

Sam’s deft skills with the harmonica and Jim’s prodigious singing ability gave the show real musical depth. Frequently backed by soul band, The Devotions, The Master Blues Brothers was high octane fun and a theatrical experience of a lifetime for two real-life brothers of blues.

The Master Blues Brothers was formed in 2005 and has been consistently praised for its authenticity and high energy. With songs including such classics as Soul Man, Everybody Needs Somebody and Minnie the Moocher this revue is packed with manic energy and tongues firmly in cheeks. – WhatsOnStage Feature

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* Productions with this asterisk were produced by Iron Lion, a predecessor company to Flying Pickle.