Flying Pickle Performing Arts Theatre Workshops Session

Our Approach

For students exploring the text as a whole, our educational workshops are ideal for introducing a text to new classes, or for revision purposes.  We are pleased to offer the opportunity for schools to request workshops based on their text preferences.

Our 2-hour workshop is designed to help learners who may struggle to access the curriculum through more traditional means, and so is limited to around 30 pupils.  We also offer a day workshop, which can present the text to all pupils in a cohort and then work with several targeted intervention groups throughout the day.

Flying Pickle 2-Hour Workshop

In the two-hour workshop we will take a group of around 30 pupils through the text by exploring the Four Pillars of Text. The core elements of the workshop are adapted for the text on request. You can see a breakdown of the Four Pillars below.

Pillar One – Plot

A one-person performance of an abridged version of the text written by our in-house writer. Our 20-minute abridgements encompass the whole text, introduce major characters and include extracts taken from the source material.

Pillar Two – Character

This interactive session introduces pupils to the major characters in a text and allows them to use voice and physical gestures to understand and embed their key characteristics.

Pillar Three – Language

Our workshop leaders will guide the group through a carefully selected section of text (if there is a specific section of the text you would like us to focus on please let us know).  Using voice and movement, this section aims to produce a group performance of the selection involving all pupils.

Pillar Four – Performance

The final section gives pupils an opportunity to explore a section of text for themselves and adapt for their own performance, individually or in small groups.

Flying Pickle Day Workshops

The day workshop allows all pupils to experience a part of the Flying Pickle experience while also offering focused workshop time to smaller groups of around 30 pupils selected by the school.

The day will start with a one-person performance of our 20-minute abridgement for the whole cohort followed by a Q&A session.

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