Why Flying Pickle?

Why is this company called Flying Pickle Performing Arts? Well, the Flying Pickle is not a concept or a whimsical idea. The Flying Pickle is a very real person. She’s a little girl. She is our daughter.

Georgie and Sam Devereaux - Co-Founders of Flying Pickle Creative Arts Company

Our daughter was born with Trisomy 21, better known as Down’s Syndrome. Contrary to my initial misplaced concern about her diagnosis, our daughter does not suffer with Down’s Syndrome. It is not a disease; it is part of who she is. Nor is it her defining characteristic. Her defining characteristics are empathy, humour, compassion, and a fierce determination to succeed in whatever she attempts.

She is an inspiration. That’s why she’s nicknamed, the Flying Pickle. The insights she has provided for me, and our entire family, into the extraordinary potential of humans inspired Georgie and I to create this performing arts company. When choosing a name for it, I’m sure you’ll agree it couldn’t have been anything else other than: FLYING PICKLE PERFORMING ARTS.

What is this company for?

We want to Bring Your Character Alive. Whether that is by performing for you ourselves or helping you to find the performance in yourself the objective is the same.

I have been a professional performing artist for over 15 years. I am also third generation in the industry so in a sense the theatre stage and the inside of a recording studio are all I’ve ever known! Georgie has been Stage Managing shows since she was 18 and has worked with some of the biggest names in British theatre.

It’s a been a privilege for us both to have spent so many years so close to the fascinating world of performance art. And this time, both on the stage and in front of the microphone, has convinced us of the extraordinary power of performance to connect people to the best version of themselves.

It’s our belief that we all play many people in our lives. Many of them unwittingly. Sometimes this allows us to stumble upon good ideas or to help people without realising it. But what if everyone, regardless of whether they are an actor, could harness the power of performance art techniques and disciplines to bring our own character alive? What if we could learn these techniques to become the best version of ourselves?

You’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds lofty and high-concept and not necessarily very practical! But trust me, there is a simple truth to be understood here. That by embracing the artist’s way of exploring and expressing yourself truthfully, sincerely, and fearlessly you can make your own life and your own work a much more productive and enjoyable place to be. And if you can do that, you’re participating in a small but beautiful way in making our world a better place too.

That’s why we founded Flying Pickle. To help people Bring Their Character Alive and make some art while we do it.

Here, you can realise an audiobook project, create your own voice over demo recordings, learn the ancient actor’s art of communication or enjoy an entertaining piece of theatre. Express yourself. Showcase yourself. Discover yourself. Free yourself. Let Flying Pickle Bring Your Character Alive!

– Sam Devereaux, Voice Actor and Flying Pickle Performing Arts Head of Studio
Flying Pickle workshop

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