Flying Pickle - Samantha Kamras
“From our very first conversation, the care and experience Sam brought to the table were vast and so reassuring. From sitting down and talking through exactly what my needs were, offering advice about how I might experiment and push myself, and directing clearly as we recorded, the experience of recording was fun and inspiring!”

– Samantha Kamras, Actor and Voice Over

Our Approach

Sam Devereaux has been a professional actor, director, and writer for over 15 years. Sam has voiced characters in dozens of animations, video games, radio dramas and audiobooks. He has also produced numerous theatrical shows and audio productions. At Flying Pickle, we sincerely want you to sound the very best you can, and Sam will help you realise your best possible demo performance.  

Our service begins with an initial meeting in person, via phone or online. During this meeting Sam will assess your vocal qualities and recommend character archetypes and genres that will not only suit your sound but likely get you paid work. Sam will then write customised scripts for each of your demos. These are the scripts that you will record at your 2-hour long session at Flying Pickle Studio.

During the session Sam will expertly direct your performance, using his years of real-world acting and directing experience to help you find your very best voice work.

After the session Sam will edit and master your demos into two distinct versions.

Version 1 will present only your recorded voice appropriately mastered. This “naked” version of your demo is popular with many casting directors who want to hear you as clearly as possible.

Version 2 will create a full production sound, placing your voice into the context of a finished work.  

Get in touch with our team today and find out how Flying Pickle can help you Showcase yourself!  

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