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Few people before or since have had such a keen understanding of the human condition as William Shakespeare. This is the reason we still enjoy his plays over 400 years after they were written. Shakespeare understood that the players on the stage were simply mirroring real life. At Flying Pickle, we can teach you to use the techniques employed by the best professional actors to help you communicate more effectively with your colleagues, partners, key stakeholders and potential investors.

It’s a common urban myth that actors spend their lives being dishonest because they are constantly pretending to be someone else. As Shakespeare showed us, we are all players who portray many different versions of ourselves throughout our lives. What the best actors have learnt to do is to embrace each new face truthfully and sincerely. That’s why we find the finest performers so compelling.

At Flying Pickle, we can teach you to Create Your Character so that you can present the best, most confident version of yourself when you need to. These techniques hold up well under pressure and crucially help you to stay in command of the story you are trying to tell with your business. Imagine being able to pitch to investors, appear on a podcast or deal with suppliers confidently, assertively and with real passion.

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