“The most fun comes from Author Neil Hayward’s accent and wit, both delivered authentically by narrator Sam Devereaux. When Hayward travels with an array of American bird-watchers, Devereaux continues to present an impressive range of accents.”

Audiofile Magazine Review of Lost Among The Birds

Flying Pickle Studio

Flying Pickle’s studio features a high-end, custom designed recording booth designed to the same spec as those used by the BBC and Sony. The space is both quiet and acoustically impressive, ensuring that whoever works there will receive a broadcast quality recording.

Flying Pickle uses UK-designed Sontronics microphones to capture every tiny detail of the narrator’s performance. The sound is captured using an Audient iD4 pre-amp, Samson C-Control room matrix and an Apple M1 Mac.

Flying Pickle Studio

Studio Tech Spec:

To hear a dry studio recording sample (192kbps mp3) click below to listen to a short excerpt from Sam’s narration of Downfall by Will Jordan.

I want to hear your story

At the heart of Flying Pickle’s audiobook production services is the simple human voice.
Despite all our impressive technology we don’t believe that all the emerging Text-To-Speech and Voice AI technology will ever replace the nuance and intimacy of a real human being telling a story to other human beings.
Human storytelling is a tradition dating back thousands of years, please rest assured that when you engage Flying Pickle for your audiobook project the voice you hear will be a real, live human one and never a simulation.

Author Participation

Sometimes you just must express yourself! If you have written a book and want to narrate it yourself, Flying Pickle can make it happen.

We can provide a production package that will allow you to visit our studio and have your own performance produced by Sam. Guidance can then be provided on the best platform to get your recording out into the world. Click below to hear a sample of “Cock-a-doodle-doo” written by Cathy Waterhouse and narrated by her at Flying Pickle Studio.

To find out more about how Flying Pickle can help you realise your audiobook production – Contact the team today.

Demo production pickle

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