Audiobook Production
“Sam is an absolute joy to work with. Professional, easy going and a great narrator. I wouldn’t hesitate to employ him again in the future. Already looking forward to our next project together.”

—  Peter Gallacher, Senior Producer at The Audio Café

What does it cost to have your audiobook project produced by Flying Pickle?

There is no one set price for our audio recording service. This is because of the large number of potential variables around the creation of an audio project. The length of the manuscript or the possible need for multiple narrators are examples of these variables. Therefore, our price is always tailored the the requirements of your project.

Audiobook recording prices:

In keeping with industry standards, we charge per finished hour of recording (PFH) for audiobooks. So, your quote will vary according to the length of the book and what aspects of the process you wish us to perform.

To give you a rough idea of what working with Flying Pickle will cost we can offer the following guide prices:

Recording and Editing service – client hires and pays for the narration and editing/mastering of the finished audiobook:

Prices from £150 PFH

Full production service – Flying Pickle handles the narration, proofing, editing and mastering of the entire project:

Prices from £225 PFH

These prices are intended as ball-park figures to help you plan your budget. For a fully comprehensive quote, call us on 07960 150 467 or get in touch with by clicking the button below:

How Flying Pickle’s Production Process Works

We are able to provide authors and publishers with a comprehensive start-to-finish production service. Encompassing voice casting, recording, proofing, editing and mastering you can trust Flying Pickle to deliver a superb, broadcast quality recording.

Authors and publishers are welcome to present us with a narrator of their own selection. We then can record with them remotely using Source Connect or welcome them to our studio in Southwest London. Alternatively we are happy to help you find the perfect narrator from our own database of voice talent.

Once the recording sessions are completed we can undertake our meticulous post production process. Proofing is achieved using a combination of Pozotron and/or one of our selected proofers. Then we can arrange a pickup session with the books narrator. Once the corrections have been recorded we then edit the book together and master each chapter to meet the standards required by you chosen distribution platform.

If you do not have a distribution partner, Flying Pickle can facilitate the distribution of your audiobook via our own partner, Spoken Realms.

Discover Flying Pickle’s Audiobook Library

Flying Pickle has produced over 100 fiction and non-fiction titles for a wide variety of different publishers and authors. This includes, for example, our lengthy collaboration with murder-mystery author, Wendy M. Wilson. To find out more about these titles and decide for yourself if Flying Pickle’s production service is for you please click the button below to enter our audiobook production library

Our Audiobook Production is always a human experience

At the heart of Flying Pickle’s audio production service is the simple human voice. So, despite all our impressive technology we don’t believe that all the emerging Text-To-Speech and Voice AI technology should or will ever replace the nuance and intimacy of a real human being telling a story to other human beings.

Human storytelling is a tradition dating back thousands of years. This means you can rest assured that when you engage Flying Pickle for your audiobook project the voice you hear will be a real, live, brilliant human one and never a simulation.

Our Narrator Guarantee

*Any narrator working for us also receives our written guarantee that no part of their recorded performance will be used for or in any current or future artificial intelligence, machine learning or synthetic voice applications. Nor will any performances given for Flying Pickle projects be sold for any such purposes*

To find out more about how Flying Pickle can help you realise your audio production – Contact the team today.

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