Bringing your character alive

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Audiobook Recording

Express Yourself
Turn your published writing into a beautifully realised professional audiobook with our comprehensive production service.
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Voice Over Demo Recording

Showcase Yourself
Take your voice over career to the next level with our expertly directed demo recording service.
About Flying Pickle

About Flying Pickle

Who are Flying Pickle? Why Flying Pickle?! And what is the company all about? Find out all about us here.
How to make an audiobook

The Agony and Ecstasy of Directing Yourself

One of the measures of an actor’s reputation is how easy or difficult you are to work with. Beyond super-size trailer demands and personal hair stylists, what actually causes others…
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Communication Coaching

Discover Yourself
We can teach you to use the techniques employed by the best professional actors to help you communicate more effectively with your colleagues, partners, key stakeholders and potential investors.
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Performance Art

Free Yourself
Find the best version of yourself through theatre, music or art.
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Bringing your character alive